A reimplementation of the 1997 Bullfrog business sim Theme Hospital
CorsixTH v0.6
25 Jan 2017
CorsixTH v0.5
16 Sep 2015
CorsixTH v0.4
27 Dec 2014
CorsixTH v0.3
23 Feb 2014
CorsixTH v0.0b
0.0 β
20 Jul 2012

What's new

v0.5 [16 Sep 2015]
User Experience
Added: Scroll speed can be configured in config.txt.
Added: Lua version in the window caption.
Change: Midi tracks are now played in the order they appear in MIDI.txt
Change: Updated translations for most languages
Change: Rendering engine is now determined automatically. Use SDL_RENDER_DRIVER environment variable to override the default.
Fix: Potential crash from Esc-press before main menu.
Fix: Audio stutter in certain movies.
Fix: The game could sometimes crash when a movie had finished.
Fix: handling of backspace and arrow keys in text boxes.
Fix: Invalid path generated by font selector on linux
Fix: Several crashes involving map bounds checks (dragging a blueprint, placing a staff member)
Added: Warning about untreatable diseases when the disease is enabled in the level file but the room is not.
Change: Do not change the selected condition in drug casebook when new diseases are researched.
Fix: Crash when trying to play certain sounds from e.g. the French version.
Fix: Patients could in some circumstances get really confused and try to exit a room without putting any clothes on.
Fix: Crash on the status report when there are no patients.
Fix: Crash when editing room that litter has been dropped in.
Fix: Crash when sending patients to the autopsy room and then building the needed room first
FIx: Infinite loop condition in tryToFindNearbyPatients.
Animation Viewer
Added: A vertical scroll bar to the sprite display.
CorsixTH development
We have moved to newer versions of a lot of libraries, most notably SDL 1.2 -> SDL 2 and added support for Lua 5.2 and Lua 5.3.
New ready-to-use Eclipse Workspace.
Debugging Lua code using DBGp has been added. See the Wiki for more information.
The Windows Installer now uses NSIS 3.0 and only produces one executable since SDL 2 handles renderer itself.
Framework for Busted Unit Tests in Lua.
Support for custom graphics has been improved.
LibAV is supported as an alternative to FFMpeg. FFMpeg is still recommended.
For a full list of changes, see the git log.
Windows XP is no longer a supported operating system. The version of CorsixTH included with the installer will not run on that operating system. Windows XP users are advised to upgrade their operating system or continue running 0.40. Producing your own build for Windows XP is still possible at this time but we will not fix bugs specifically related to that operating system.
The Map Editor is not included in 0.50 due to incompatibilities with the engine change. We hope to have a new improved map editor available in a future release. In the mean time we suggest that level designers copy their full 0.40 install to another location before installing 0.50.

v0.4 [27 Dec 2014]
Added: Epidemics. You can either choose to pay a fine to the authorities or try to cover up the epidemic by vaccinating and curing the contagious patients. Patients going between buildings will NOT trigger the alarm to the authorities.
Added: The Grim Reaper. Previously patients have always gone to heaven when they die. No more! Sometimes they will instead fall down to the middle of the earth in a Lava Hole.
Added: People with visual diseases will no longer arrive at the beginning of the level if that has been specified in the level file. Instead they arrive once a certain amount of months have passed.
Added: If you refuse VIP visits a few times he can sometimes show up anyway.
Change: Machine usage and explosions are now based on absolute number of uses. A machine that goes down to 0 will explode. Previously they were percentage based.
Fix: The game would crash if you sacked a doctor in a room while a patient was using some equipment in that room.
Fix: Sometimes the emergency bonus was not correctly calculated.
Fix: Patients could die inside a room. They will now die outside the room unless they are just being cured.
Fix: If winning the level at end of year the annual report would hide the winning fax.
Fix: If there was no queue to a room a leaving staff member would not trigger a call for staff for the patient who had to abort their procedure in that room.
Fix: If a handyman had pending tasks when he died in an exploding room the game could crash.
Fix: A surgeon that is removed in mid-operation will now get properly replaced by a new one.
Fix: If the GP room was built too early in the tutorial the game would crash when building a GP room later on if debug mode was turned off.
Fix: Patients would try to enter an exploding room. As you can imagine, this was bad.
Fix: Psychiatrists would become shut-ins and just wander about their office forever.
Fix: Patients leaving the queue to get a drink could be left to sit on a bench forever.
User Interface
Added: Tooltips for the increase and decrease buttons in the research screen.
Added: A sound that indicates if a screenshot was taken successfully.
Added: Any dialog that pops up, such as the award screen, pauses the game.
Added: 'Continue Game' in the main menu.
Fix: Sometimes the game would not pause on year end.
Fix: Staff raise description was hard to read in some languages
Fix: The current language setting is translated and consistent with the options in the list.
Fix: Instead of turning into a Bloaty Head, Baldness patients will die with gracious hair.
Fix: Patients will no longer fall through walls when dying.
Fix: Dying Hairyitis patients should not lose their head when on the floor.
Added: 'Z' temporarily moves the game at maximum speed. Release to go back to the previous speed.
Added: 'X' makes walls transparent until released.
Added: Use the Numpad to change game speed.
Added: Arrow key hotkeys in the staff management screen.
Added: Press and hold on and - when buying furniture to repeat the action.
Change: Quick Save is now Shift Alt S, Quick Load is Shift Alt L.

v0.3 [23 Feb 2014]
- Change: You can now build more than one desk in the ward. More nurses means a slightly faster throughput.
- Change: Patients would previously queue outside toilets even though there were free loos since it was dependant on number of people in the room. Now, as soon as a loo becomes free another patient enters the room to use it, even if there is a long queue for the sink). If there is a queue for the sinks there is a chance the patient will leave without washing their hands - but will not be happy about doing this.
- Added: The ability to control alien behaviour - sitting, knocking doors, only to be available through emergency or arrive like all other patients.
- Added: Winning fax opens automatically and pauses the game.
- Added: Option to automatically accept wage increase requests when they "time out".
- Added: A new option allows for your average build content for each type of room to be remembered, so will be added for each new room built later.
- Fix: Doctors should get stuck less often, and handymen should not crash the game as frequently.
- Fix: It was not possible to replace a surgeon when a patient was in the room.
- Fix: Patients would sometimes get stuck inside a room when they should have died.
User Interface
- Added: A customization menu in the Options dialog. Most options from the configuration file are now available for change in-game.
- Added: A new directory menu in the Options dialog.
- Added: The game does now check for a more recent version of itself when launching.
- Added: A helpful message when the player puts more Researchers in the research department than there are desks.
- Added: The game now does a small integrity check on the Theme Hospital files to make sure that the most common corruptions are not present.
- Added: Confirm dialog to the quit/exit button on the main menu.
- Fix: The tooltip for the tutorial button was incorrect since the dialog has been visually changed.
- Fix: The announcer has had a few corrections made to his manuscripts.
- Removed: The settings menu is no longer available from within the game.
Some hotkeys have been changed and/or added:
- Alt A = Toggle Announcements
- Alt M = Toggle Music
- Alt S = Toggle Sound Effects
- Shift and to zoom in five steps and Shift and - to zoom out five steps at a time.
Campaign levels
- Fix: An error in level 8 made it possible to win without meeting the reputation criterion.
Custom levels
- Change: For random emergencies each illness now has its own average number of patients to spawn. Previously they were all the same.
- Fix: Researching improvements was not really possible on some custom levels, i.e. if the map creator had made it so there were no machines at the start.
Demo files
- Fix: When winning the demo level CorsixTH looked for another level to load, showing the wrong fax options and eventually crashing.
- Added: Korean language.
- Fix: It was not possible to dump strings for a language with unicode characters in the name.
- Fix: You could not compile the game with WITH_AUDIO=0 if SDL_mixer was not present at all.
- Fix: WITH_AUDIO=OFF is now illegal in combination with WITH_MOVIES=ON.

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